Shruti Dev

About the Artist

Shruti has the soul of an artist. She loves magic and colours and textures. She laughs. She works with children. She works passionately to bring her dreams to life. She loves to travel. She loves people and has friends all over the world. She makes art in various media.

Books make her happy. Coffee warms her soul. Art shops are her haven. Pens and pencils and colors and bling-these are a few of her favourite things. Airports promise her adventure.

Strangers become her friends- for life.

Work forms one half of Shruti’s life. That half is about academics, protocol, discipline,schedules and deadlines. It is serious and intense.

The other half is about creating and creativity. She draws and paints and spins and weaves. Sometimes she makes pots and bowls. She loves making glass beads and jewelry. She makes books. A published artist, she writes for books and magazines. She absorbs when she travels .Osmosis comes naturally to her. Joining the dots across the creative spectrum is food for her soul.

Shruti’s passions have taken her around the world. She loves meeting people , sketching and taking pictures of places she visits. She believes doing so enhances the magic in her world. Her sketches and pictures tell stories . She seeks them out. Details beckon as much as the whole. There is always that one thing in her art that makes them special.

Her website is her platform to share the vast spectrum of her potential and creative journey, and the outcomes.

Welcome to her world, at Artyzenworld.

Published work